2 Critical Steps For Luxury Sellers Who Want A Quick Sale

By Laura Huntley May 6, 2018

2 Critical Steps For Luxury Sellers Who Want A Quick Sale

There are 2 important things to do if you are a luxury seller who wants a quick sale

Do you want to sell your luxury home in the Raleigh area?And want a quick sale? Do you know what a potential buyer for YOUR home wants? Is it location? Amenities? Good investment? All of the above? How do buyers in this price range live? Listening to luxury home buyers helps me understand how I can help you.

1.  How do you know what buyers for your home want?

Start by asking yourself why you chose to live in your home.  Next, ask the right realtor what trends they are seeing in today’s market.  Things change over time.  The right realtor has:

2.  How can you make your home as perfect as possible for your potential buyers?

Luxury sellers who want a quick sale  need to know that at this price point, every flaw, every blemish, every shortcut and every substandard finish will standout and deter a buyer.  Pay close attention to the details.

  • Your home must be super clean
  • Stage your home in a neutral palette
  • Remove all personal effects to your potential buyers can envision their own life in the home they are touring
Staging Before and After

These things help a buyer in ANY price point.  Home Buyers in higher price points are no different.

Remember this.

You need to know what your potential buyers want and you want to prepare your home so it appeals to those buyers.  Exposure to a large pool of buyers results from creating the wow factor and then hiring the correct Realtor who can strategically market it to potential buyers who are able and willing to buy YOUR home.

You can trust Raleigh NC  Realtor® , Laura Huntley to give you expert advice to prepare your home to sell and to create a marketing plan to expose your home to buyers who are qualified to buy your home and want what your home has to offer.

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