Hometown Heroes Real Estate Savings Program

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Real Estate Savings

With our Hometown Heroes Real Estate Savings Program, you can save thousands when buying or selling a home.

  • HOME BUYERS: Our typical Hero saves $1,000 * when purchasing a home through our Hometown Heroes Real Estate Savings Program.
  • HOME SELLERS: Our typical Hero saves $3,000 * when selling a home through our Hometown Heroes Real Estate Savings Program.

*Average Home price of $300,000.

Do I qualify?

The following are some of the heroes who qualify for real estate savings under this program.

  1. Active member or veteran of one of our Armed Forces
  2. Volunteer or professional firefighter actively or retired
  3. First Responder (Emergency Services)
  4. Retired or active State or Local Police Officer

Do you have official identification and two character references?

Contact me to find out how you can benefit from this special program.

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