Sell the Sizzle Not The Steak | 2 Basics to Getting More For Your Home

By Laura Huntley September 30, 2018

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Are you thinking about selling your home?  Let’s keep things simple.  Preparation and price are the fundamentals to getting your home sold quickly and for top value.  Let’s start with PREPARATION.  There are 2 basics to getting more for your home with preparation.  If you are selling a luxury home, this is not an option.  Luxury home buyers are the most discriminating,

1. First Way to Get More For Your Home:  Paint.

One of the least expensive improvements to prepare your home to get top value is to repaint.  And it’s an investment with a lot of return! While homebuyers may want to add specialty hues after they move in, they don’t want to have to paint over YOUR colors before moving in!  Therefore, a homebuyer will choose your neighbor’s house over yours if they see repainting as a built-in cost and hassle, especially for a large luxury home.   And so, updated neutral is best, the right choice, the first time!  Together with my home staging professional, we provide tried and true exterior and interior paint colors to save you the guesswork.  My home staging professional will also recommend accessories to compliment your existing furnishings and create a bold or subtle statement and architectural flair of the home.

To make one of my luxury home listings sizzle, we used the existing white walls as a canvas to showcase features.  Our first step was repairing and paint all blemishes, cracks, and smudges throughout the home.  We gave extra care to the risers on the grand circular staircase in the foyer to invite visitors through the door.  First impressions matter!

The white backdrop, stunning against the Brazilian cherry floors and rich jewel-toned Turkish carpets oozes of luxury.    The home’s artful architectural design include columns, archways, soaring ceilings, coffered ceilings, and exquisite floor inlays.  The unique beauty of this mansion is more impactful without distracting wall colors.

As a side note, I advise hardwood floors be refinished or specially buffed to make them pop.   A Recent profile by the National Association of Realtors revealed the top home features preferred by homebuyers.  Hardwood floors top the list.   And so, flooring style, color, and condition are key to a great first impression and the sets the stage for an optimal showing experience for your home.

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2. Second Way to Getting More for Your Home:  Home Staging.

Great furniture and accessories do not guarantee great pictures. Proper arrangement and elements show each room at its best. And rooms with a clear identity help homebuyers appreciate the unique selling features at a glance.  We know that often the simplest changes have the biggest impact. For that reason, we may suggest that you rearrange furniture, change bedding, and remove curtains which make a huge difference in online photos and make rooms look larger and brighter.   In addition, we ask that you remove personal photos, eccentric decor, and expensive artwork.  Often luxury homesellers have many lovely antiques and even signed photographs with celebrities.  Because of this, we carefully select what pieces to pack away and key items to display.  This process is an art form and I employ an expert home stager for the job.  In addition, I want to ensure the safety of your precious pieces and always lock up the queen’s jewels!

We know from experience that vacant rooms are simply missed opportunities!  Homebuyers almost always begin their search online.  It is difficult to tell from photos the size of a room or sometimes its purpose. And empty rooms don’t generate interest either! Great home staging and expert photography should tell a story and help homebuyers emotionally connect to the house.  We entice buyers to fall in love with your home beyond all the others they see.  This means more visitors to your home and more offers in a shorter amount of time.

Most importantly, homebuyers only know what they see, not the way it’s going to be!  Because I want to help you sell your luxury home with ease, I have a special home staging offer.  It is proven that a staged home sells faster and for more.  Contact me for a free consultation.

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