What’s My Home Worth?

What's My Home Worth?

Are you wondering What’s my home worth For the right price, will you sell your home?  Your home’s value is changing.  Pricing trends vary by neighborhood.  As interest rates rise, the pool of buyers that can afford your home changes.  Interest rates are still low, but won’t stay that way for long. Now is a great time to sell your house for a solid value and buy a new home.

Your Home’s Value Is Changing

That’s why I offer a FREE custom report that will tell you what your home is worth in today’s market.  It’s an honest analysis prepared with some thought from a Raleigh Realtor with boots on the ground. Zestimates can be misleading– they are an algorithm by a machine that has never been in your home or in any homes in the area.

Your Home’s Value Is Based On Market Trends

Your home’s value can vary based on the trends for your neighborhood compared to other existing and new neighborhoods and also on the season.  Typically, the spring and summer are the best times for selling your home and buying a new home.  As we move into fall and winter, things tend to slow down.

Take Advantage Of This Free Home Value Report

This home worth report is specifically for homeowners thinking about selling their home this summer. This data will help you understand the housing market in your neighborhood.  You will have the information you need including:

  • How do actual selling prices compare to listing prices in my area?
  • What homes are unsold in my area?
  • How long did it take for a similar home to sell?
  • How have prices increased over the past year and what is the trend?

Are You Wondering “What’s My Home Worth?