Why Staged Homes Sell Faster in Raleigh

By Laura Huntley February 3, 2018

Why Staged Homes Sell Faster by Raleigh NC Realtor Laura Huntley

Many home sellers say they want to “sell fast for more money.” One of the best tools to achieve that goal is home staging. The fact is, staged homes sell faster. It’s difficult for home buyers to picture themselves living in other peoples’ homes. Personal items and clutter can make buyers feel uncomfortable. Buyers may leave an unstaged home without really seeing its potential. A home could be perfect for the buyer, but they may not even consider it if they can’t imagine themselves there.

This is why any experienced real estate agent knows that staging helps homes sell faster.

Why Do Staged Homes Sell Faster

A National Association Of Realtors (NAR) report found that 62% of seller’s agents said that staging a home reduces time on market.

Why does home staging help homes sell faster? A beautifully staged home helps buyers imagine living there. Instead of personal items or clutter, they see a home that could be theirs.

Staging A Home Reduces Time On Market

Staged Homes Appeal To Buyers

The same NAR report found that 77% of buyers’ agents said, “staging a home makes it easier for buyers to visualize the property as their future home.”

Plus, 40% of buyers are more willing to see a staged home they first found online. This is really important. Most buyers see homes online before they see them in real life.

However, 38% of buyers’ agents also said “staging positively affects a home’s value if the home was staged to the buyer’s taste.” This means that a home’s staging should be designed to appeal to the largest number of potential buyers. Keep your decor neutral. If you install new granite counter tops that have a bold pattern, they may not appeal to most buyers. Staged homes sell faster when they reach the goal of appealing to most buyers.

Additionally, 29% of sellers’ agents reported a 1-5% increase in what buyers will pay in comparison to other similar homesTwenty-one percent of agents stated that home staging increased the dollar value of the home between six and 10 percent. So, staged home sell faster and often sell for more money.
Basically, buyers find it difficult to picture themselves in the homes they see. You can help them envision themselves in a house by removing distracting clutter and staging your home with neutral decor.
Staged Homes Sell Faster in Raleigh NC

Put My Home Staging Team To Work For You

Home staging works so well, there are home staging professionals that can come in and stage your home for you. But, not all home sellers need to spend thousands of dollars to hire a home stager. I help home sellers prepare their home for market by offering a free consultation with a home stager. You read that right, I have professionals on my team to help clients stage their home to appeal to potential buyers. Get in touch with me at 919-600-3208 to get started!